Help Us, Help You – Before It Gets Worse

In winter, pressures on A&E departments increase substantially, particularly admissions for winterrespiratory illnesses, putting an additional, but in some cases avoidable, burden on the NHS.

This winter, the ‘Help Us, Help You – Before It Gets Worse’ campaign is encouraging some of the mostvulnerable people in society – frail, older people and those with underlying health conditions – to takebetter care of their health as the colder months approach, by promoting self-care and driving an uptake ofpre-emptive health measures.

The public will be reminded about the need to visit their pharmacist at the first signs of illness, theimportance of picking up prescriptions, staying warm over the winter months and checking in on elderlyneighbours and relatives.

The ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign supports the public in navigating the right NHS service for their medicalneed, and understanding the actions they can take, to better enable the NHS to help them.

Help Us, Help You – Before It Gets Worse.

To find out more, please visit the NHS how to stay well in winter page.