The main Physiotherapy department is based on the ground floor at Weston General Hospital. It is sign posted in the foyer immediately on the left after entering the main entrance to the hospital. A blue guide line on the floor leads to the Physiotherapy reception.

The Physiotherapy Service runs from 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays. An on-call service for those patients with respiratory problems and rehabilitation of orthopaedic conditions occurs on weekends.

The manager is Melody Schultz contactable on direct line – 01934 647146 and extension 3743.

For reception/appointments direct line 01934 647131

The paediatric Physiotherapy service is based at Drove road Child Development Centre contactable on 01934 636363 extension 7564


Generally physiotherapy is a healthcare profession concerned with human function and movement and maximising potential.

At Weston Area Health Trust Physiotherapists perform this function in the following specialties: Orthopaedics, Out patients, Medical wards, Surgical wards, ITU, EAU and ED when required, Rehabilitation, Specialist Orthopaedic Clinics, Rheumatology, Women's health, Ante natal and Post natal care, Schools and community paediatrics.

Treatments available broadly include: Exercise, manipulation, mobilisation, electrotherapy, acupuncture, advise, rehabilitation and advice.

The Physiotherapy Department at Weston General Hospital aims to provide a high standard of treatment for all patients. Patients will, whenever possible, be fully informed and involved in the assessment and treatment process, including goal setting and discharge planning. Physiotherapists involved in care will be fully qualified and provide evidence based treatments aimed at promoting an optimum outcome from any intervention.

Inherent in the process is:

  • To provide treatment aimed at achieving set goals according to patient needs.
  • To provide care to the highest clinical standards.
  • To always maintain appropriate and effective communication with all patients and carers.
  • To maintain the dignity and respect of all patients at all times.
  • To liaise effectively with all other members of the health care team to optimise treatments.
  • To respond appropriately to patient requirements.


Services Available at Weston General Hospital

There is a mixture of part-time and full-time staff, equating to:

32 Physiotherapists 9 Technical Support Staff 6 Administrative and Clerical Staff

The above provide services in the following areas:


Orthopaedics Wards:

Staff on the Orthopaedic Wards provide care for patients who are receiving planned surgery for mainly joint replacements, but also those who have suffered trauma and require rehabilitation.

Surgical Wards:

The team on these wards aim to hasten recovery and facilitate or maintain function and mobilisation, the patients undergoing a range of general surgery.

Intensive Therapy Unit:

Physiotherapists on the Intensive Care Unit work closely with medical and nursing colleagues to maximise respiratory function for those patients who are ventilated, but also to facilitate physical rehabilitation in the early stages of patients requiring ventilation and who are subsequently relatively immobile for this period of time.

Medical Wards:

On these wards, physiotherapists provide early intervention for patients with a range of conditions, including maintaining and improving peoples' respiratory function for patients who have been admitted with chest complaints, to mobilise and maintain function for those people who are infirm and require assistance for their physical mobilisation and also to provide early intervention for the rehabilitation of patients with neurological diseases, particularly stroke victims for whom there is a specific 8 bedded stroke unit.

Quantock Rehabilitation Unit.

This Unit provides care for patients with a range of conditions requiring rehabilitation. the emphasis of care is to promote self help, the therapists working closely with colleagues in the main part of the hospital for patients transferred to the unit, and also with teams in the community to facilitate effective discharge home with the appropriate care set up.

Out-Patients Department:

Patients attending this department have a wide range of problems relating to bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Conditions range from fractures to sprains and back and neck problems. Referral to the unit are directed from the G.P. or a Consultant Specialist, particularly in Rheumatology and Orthopaedics. A wide range of treatments are available, including acupuncture, manipulation and gym exercises for rehabilitation. Treatments are mainly aimed at decreasing pain and improving function.

Paediatric Services:

Physiotherapists working with children work off site at the Child Development Centre at Drove Road and the Barn, at Clevedon. They see children with carers either as outpatients in special schools or in the community setting. Again, a wide range of conditions are seen ranging from respiratory, neurological, bone, muscle, tendon and ligament conditions and congenital problems. Click to go to the Children's Physiotherapy Service page.